User Experience and Product Design

Ensure your product or site makes sense to your users and achieves your business goals

I’ve spent many years designing experiences for large companies (Apple, Google, Conde Nast, The Paperless Post), and now work as a consultant helping clients identify their business objectives and users’ motivations. I then work with them to design high-level and low-level experiences and user flows that make sense. UX and product design consulting might include:

  • Conducting user research to determine user personas and use cases
  • Creating user flows and high-level information architecture site maps
  • Constructing wireframes to show content organization
  • Creating prototypes and usability testing to test design concepts

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Graphic + Visual Design

We create brand strategies, logos, and visual designs for responsive websites and mobile apps.

Services might include:

  • Developing unique brand identities, exploring inspiration and creating mood boards to get a look and feel for your brand
  • Using color, type and other elements to communicate your unique message, connect with your target audience, and stand out among your competitors
  • Applying visual language to wireframes to create high-fidelity, polished designs

Front-end and WordPress Development

We develop responsive websites using WordPress as a CMS (content management system).

I’ve been coding websites “from scratch” since the early days of the Internet (my first website was in the Geocities Heartland neighborhood, circa 1995). A lot has changed in twenty years, but my dedication to staying current with the latest web development trends hasn’t. I’m still a hands-on, in-the-code-trenches front-end developer. These days, I pass the hours writing responsive, semantically correct code built on WordPress so that my clients have an easy, intuitive experience updating their own sites.

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Teaching and Training

We help our clients understand our process, our technology choices, and the way their websites work.

In addition to being a designer and a developer, I’m also a teacher. I care about user experience, but not just that of the users — I also care about my clients’ user experience. We’re here to maximize the inspiration and minimize the headache for you: It’s vitally important to us that you can easily navigate and update the inner workings of your website on your own, or easily pass it off to a different designer or developer if you choose to work with someone else in the future. We aim to make even the WordPress back-end (where you’ll login to update the content) as user-friendly as the front-end (what your users see).