How can I quickly add an external article to my WordPress posts?

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Press This – functionality built into WordPress core that allows for easy text grab and SEO friendly link attribution.

Let’s show you how it works.

On the WordPress dashboard under Tools > Available Tools, you should see this:


As per the instructions, grab the Press This button and drag it to your bookmarks.

Now that Press This is in place, traverse to the article you want to share. For this example, we are using Baby Clydesdale, a local San Diego hot sauce company.

Here we are opening a blog post we want to add and attribute to this blog. We have clicked the Press This bookmark and it has opened the window on the left. We have also highlighted a little bit of text from the blog post on the right and you can see that that text is added to the post editor on the left.


To add pictures into the post, Press This pulls images and puts them above the text editor. Simply click on the + symbol next to the image and it will add into the text editor. You can also add pictures to the post at the bottom left-hand corner. Both these methods will add the images to your media library.

From here, you can save the post as a draft or publish right away. You can see that the article is being attributed to the original source at the bottom of the post editor.

Press This is a great, built in tool for grabbing articles about your business published elsewhere and sharing them easily with WordPress!

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  • Adithya Kumar

    comment is not related to post but I would like to ask
    Are you earning from this site??

    • Jon Kitchen

      No, the intention was to find collaborators and I’ve had very little interest. So, I continued posting politically inclusive articles for my LGBTQIA+ community in hopes that I could find someone to write script and lyrics to my music.

  • Sunil

    Thank You! Very concise.

  • Jon Kitchen

    No, it isn’t grabbing the articles I want to share.

  • Believe the critter has been deactivated.


    Check out this site. You will enkoy…

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