WordPress Development

We love using our knowledge to help our clients build beautiful and fast WordPress websites that are intuitive to update and maintain.

I’ve been coding websites “from scratch” since the early days of the Internet (my first website was in the Geocities Heartland neighborhood, circa 1995). A lot has changed in twenty years, but my dedication to staying current with the latest web development trends hasn’t. I’m still a hands-on, in-the-code-trenches front-end developer. These days, I pass the hours writing responsive, semantically correct code built on WordPress so that my clients have an easy, intuitive experience updating their own sites.

We build completely custom themes, using our own starter theme, and are passionate about clean, commented, semantic HTML5 and responsive CSS3. In addition to WordPress, we are highly proficient with WooCommerce, bbPress, and BuddyPress.

Not familiar with WordPress? Not to worry. We aim to make the back-end (where you’ll update your content) as user-friendly as the front-end (what your users see). We use Advanced Custom Fields Pro to add metadata to pages and posts, and to design an intuitive back-end with helpful hints to make updating your website a breeze.

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