Versed Mobile Application

Tamara Olson Designs worked closely with Tennessee based company Knowledge Launch to design a mobile application to help working professionals stay up to date on the latest forces and trends shaping business.

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User Experience

The product team at Versed came to us with a clear product requirements document outlining the features and functionality they wanted in the application. Based on the PRD, we put together a site map showing how the pages and screens fit together. The high level, visual view of the app allowed the team to iterate on their requirements. When the site map was finalized, we used the screens to construct detailed, screen-by-screen wireframes. View the site map and wireframes


Naming, Brand Identity, and Logo

When we joined the project, the app was tentatively called “Propedia.” We led the team in a series of collaborative exercises to help them identify their goals for the product, the audience, and the overall tone. This led us to an internal exploratory session which ultimately resulted in the final name: Versed. Once the name was finalized, we were able to begin logo explorations.

Visual Designs

After the visual direction was established, we began the process of turning the wireframes into sleek, polished, photo-rich, high-fidelity visual designs.


The Versed app is currently live in the iOS store.

Marketing Website Design and Development

While the developers were busy building the app, we worked with the team once more to develop a simple marketing site to convey the value proposition of the Versed app, using the brand we developed in phase 2. We wrote responsive HTML/CSS to ensure the design adapted well for all sizes of devices, and built the site using WordPress so the team can easily update any of the photos and copy moving forward.


Team: Tamara Olson, Katie Scialabba, Katie Seaver

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