Qüero Shoes

Tamara Olson Designs worked with Qüero Shoes to imagine and design a brand and e-commerce website for the handmade shoe company.

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From the first consultation, we were enchanted by the story of Uge, Alvaro, Monica, and Randy (a/k/a Team Qüero) and the story of their journey. Qüero was born during Monica and Randy’s vacation to Madrid nearly three years ago, when they stumbled upon Uge and Alvaro of Saint John Shoes. The look and feel of Qüero was strongly driven by the company’s commitment to an “old way of making shoes.”

Qüero uses a custom theme built by Tamara Olson Designs, and is built on WooCommerce. Check out the extensive functionality below.

Session-based popups allow Team Qüero to offer discounts in exchange for signing up for the Mailchimp newsletter:


The site is built on WooCommerce and uses native Woo infrastructure:


However, a custom plugin integrates the site with “shoe customizer” software, built especially for Qüero by the Madrid based company Inescop:


The Qüero blog supports rich tagging and multimedia:


Social integration allows Qüero to showcase the beautiful photography that appears on their Instagram account:


A creative photography-rich parallax design allows Qüero to tell its story in an interesting, dynamic way:


The “Look Book” allows Qüero to showcase lifestyle photography, while giving end users the ability to buy:


The “zoom” feature on the product page gives the end user the ability to get a close-up look at the texture of the handcrafted shoes:


Core Team: Tamara Olson, Sinan Imre, Robin Metcalfe
Contributors: Scott Stewart, Amber Weinberg, Katie Scialabba

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