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Tamara Olson Designs worked with Level Design to build a reusable theme for Brennan Real Estate to use to market their properties.

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In early spring of 2016, Level Design came to us with an exciting project for their client, Brennan Real Estate. Brennan was looking to create many “minisites” to advertise their individual properties — but rather than design a new website for each, they wanted Level to build them a reusable WordPress theme that would be flexible enough to support all their properties.

Level created a wonderful “slideshow” design to allow users to “move” through the property. They provided us with Illustrator files, along with requirements about what would need to be updated within the theme. We took it from there, and made them a fully flexible theme that would allow Brennan to create the sites they needed.

We used RoyalSlider (along with a lot of custom Javascript) to create the up/down/left/right slideshow effect that could be navigated using arrow keys, mouse clicks, or device swipe:


On the back-end, we used Advanced Custom Fields PRO to give Brennan the ability to add as many slides as they’d like, and organize them into “rows”:


To allow users to see restaurants and other points of interest near the building, we integrated MapBox into the WordPress theme:


However, in addition to giving Brennan the ability to change content, we also used Theme Options Framework to give Brennan the ability to manipulate other attributes (the logo SVG file, typography, colors, etc.) so each property site would have a different look and feel.


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